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Kimberly + Kenneth | The Grand Hall – Priory | Pittsburgh Wedding

:)I have to begin this post with a big smile..
Last summer, Ken took me and Shierly out to dinner and he began asking “very weird” questions along the lines of: “why did you guys get married?”, “how do you know for sure that you found the one”, etc.. he seemed very curious but to be frank, we never thought that Ken is actually getting himself ready!
yep.. no words, nothing and 2 months later we found out that he asked Kimberly to marry him!:)

Their wedding was fabulous, very “international”, and not-so-traditional as there are “gamelan” during dinner, and attended by guests from all over the world!
Kim was a very beautiful bride, stunning and glowing!.
Ken? well.. he’s being Ken.. I couldn’t find him until an hour before the ceremony.

Kim and Ken, we have been waiting for this day to come… and congratulations once more, may both of you find a long life of happiness together as husband and wife! now I can tease Ken a little bit more and call him “married man”. (seriously this title is NOT as bad as you think, Ken! you should be proud of it!)

Their pictures are ready, check them out…
Click here for Pittsburgh Wedding Online Gallery of Kimberly and Kenneth.

Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church
3319 West Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall
614 Pressley Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Contact: Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall

Les Holliday
Holliday Productions

The 2012 Wedding Season is here!

*yawn*.. umm… is it time to wake up from hibernation yet?
it’s been a short winter! yay! I only get to plow the snow twice this year and I’m not complaining!

After several months of the NO-update of my blog, it’s time to start again! 2012 wedding season is here! finally!.
to those wondering, me and my wife have been enjoying the time off with our son, Ethan who is turning 2 this weekend.
I covered a wedding in Dallas a couple months ago, and have been meeting with lots of couple for their wedding in 2012 and 2013.:)
This year, I will be covering weddings at the Buhl mansion, Tara Inn, Springwood, Mayernik, LeMont, Pennsylvanian, Rivers Club, Georgetown Center, umm.. I don’t remember all of them.. but this year I will also be covering weddings in Uniontown, Cleveland, and also Columbus.

well.. all I can say is that I’m glad that the season start!
Canon just released their newest DSLR camera last month, the 5DMK3.. and it is going to be my main camera for 2012!

Gina + Sean Wedding | Featured on Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine

Gina and Sean’s wedding is featured in the Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine Fall Edition 2011!!
Check out the Bridal section article on page 68-70. go to and you can get their online edition.
:)thanks to Ashleigh Kuhn, the Executive Director of Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine for giving Yosphoto the credit.

here’s the original post to their lovely wedding: The Pittsburgh Wedding photographs of Gina + Sean by Yosphoto

“All of the couple’s wedding memories were captured by photographer Yos Wisnu of, who did an amazing job of capturing every moment of this special day for Sean and Gina”

Jo + Eriko | Third Presbyterian Church – Monterey Bay | Pittsburgh Wedding

Eriko is a long time friend of mine and we went way back from the yester-years of playing basketball together in CMU..
in the past, Eriko usually only call for either basketball, dinner, or lunch together.. but last March, out of the blue, he called me about something else! he asks me about obtaining wedding certificate, and he told me the good news that he is getting married!:)

The big day is here.. and I was honored to be chosen as their photographer and as a guest for their intimate wedding.
as the representative of the Wisnu family, I would like to congratulate them, and also wish that God would always bless Eriko and Jo with happiness and joy. Treasure each other and embrace each other, always!

ps: The slideshow is below.. and some pictures.. but if you want to see the whole picture gallery, there is a password which you must ask them.

Click here for Pittsburgh Wedding Online Gallery of Jo and Eriko.

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