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Alece + Andrew | National Aviary | Pittsburgh Wedding

It’s a fine day in Pittsburgh, the sun was bright.. the Steelers having their first pre-season game.. and it’s Drew and Alece’s day on August 10th.
They decided to get married in Pittsburgh, despite the fact that they live in NY.:)
So, their friends and families come from all over the place, it’s like an International gathering at the Aviary.

As I’m writing this, they are currently in Mexico, enjoying their “slightly” delayed Honeymoon..
Aside from the facebook update from Drew that they arrive safe and sound, I haven’t seen anything else, I guess they must be out and about in the sun, enjoying themselves.
Well, their wedding pictures are here! hopefully they can view it there while relaxing at the pool drinking some Margarita. *yeah!*

ps: On their wedding, I broke my own rule to never go for seconds during dinner.
but the food was so good, I just couldn’t resist.:D
I think this is the first time ever!! thank you for the treat, it’s truly great.

Congratulations again to Alece & Drew…

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Pittsburgh National Aviary
700 Arch St
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
ph: 412.323.7235

Nicole + Jonathan | First Christian Church | Greensburg Wedding

It’s one of the finest, warm day in Greensburg and it’s Nicole’s and Jonathan’s big day!
After a week of Rain, I was actually thinking that it’ll be pouring by the time we head for the bridal party pictures.. but nope,
the only water I found was at the fountain at U.Pitt’s Greensburg campus *and sweats on my forehead*.:)they are so blessed!

Nicole and Jonathan went to Aruba and from the pictures, it seemed that they had a blast!
their wedding was a blast..:)let’s see them!

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Greensburg First Christian Church
134 Mathews St
Greensburg, PA 15601
ph: 724.834.2260

Roosevelt Hall
2325 Mt. Pleasant Road
Greensburg, PA 15674
ph: 724.423.8558

Tina + Mike | Duquesne University – Hilton DoubleTree | Pittsburgh Wedding

Tina and Mike day is here!.. they had booked me 18 months ago, fulfilling her promise that when her big day comes, I will cover her wedding.
yup, that was almost 5 years ago (Tanya-her matron of honor and Chris Contos got married in November, 2008. Oh, their daughter is so cute!).:)
I also met with Danielle and Alisa at the wedding.. I think I’m part of the family now. LOL

I was a little-bit under the weather and quite bummed from the flat-tire after packing up my camera bags, lightings, etc! good thing I had anticipated the Squirrel Hill tunnel closure and so I switched to my wife’s car.. only to find that the tank is almost empty..*aargh* in the end, I was only 3 minutes late. Pheww!!

Tina had messaged me on Facebook that they are back from Punta Cana.. I got to see some of their fun-filled suntanned honeymoon photos.
I think it’s time to see some pictures from the wedding!
Congrats again to Mr. & Mrs. Bergonzi!

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Duquesne University Chapel
600 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
ph: 412.396.6000

Greentree Hilton Doubletree
500 Mansfield Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
ph: 412.922.8400

Megan + Dave | Phipps Conservatory | Pittsburgh Wedding

Their Big day is here!:)
fine weather (a bit warm for Phipps, but it’s just perfect!)
bright and full sunshines all day, we went to several places and I have to say that they are indeed, great models!
From the beginning to end, I had fun taking their pictures.

Friends and Families: Click here for Megan and Dave Wedding Gallery.

Phipps Conservatory
One Schenley Park
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
ph: 412.622.6914

E2 Restaurant
5904 Bryant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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